Jesse J. Thomas is an artist based out of Portland, Oregon.
He works primarily from direct observation, portraying fragments and distillments of his environment and wilderness.


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                       First Street Gallery National Juried Show, works juried by Ronnie Landfeild

                       June 2018, First Street Gallery, New York City, NY                         


                        Drawing Discourse, Works juried by Stuart Shills

                        February 2018 University of North Carolina, Asheville NC


                        Drawing from Perception 8, works juried by Catherine Kehoe

                        February 2018, Robert and Elaine Stein Gallery, Dayton, OH





Spade and Archer Design Agency, Portland, Oregon

         Creative Director: February 2015 – Present


Fine Arts Academy, Dayton, Ohio

         Director: January 2014 – January 2015


Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

         Adjunct: June 2014 – January 2015


Stivers School for the Arts, Dayton, Ohio

         Director of Drawing and Painting, Resident Artist: June 2013 – January 2015


University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

         Adjunct: January 2010 – January 2011 



                        University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire

                        Master of Fine Arts, concentration - Drawing/Painting/Printmaking, 2012


                        Wright State University, Dayton Ohio

                        Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art and Art History 2009


                       Chautauqua School of Art, Chautauqua New York

                       Artist in Residence, 2007, 2012





2014               Vermont Studio Center

                        Johnson, VT

2011                Ascoli Piceno Summer Residency                                                        

                        Ascoli Piceno, Italy

2008               Italy Ambassador Program                                                                            

                        Cortona, Italy

2007, 2012      Chautauqua School of Art                                                                             

                        Chautauqua, NY




2014                From Life

                        September, 2014, Stivers School for the Arts, Fifth St Gallery, Dayton, OH

2012                MFA Invitational

                        April, 2012, University of New Hampshire Museum, Durham, NH 




2018                Drawing Discourse (Works juried by Stuart Shilz)

                        February 2018 University of North Carolina, Ashville NC

                        Drawing from Perception 8 (works juried by Catherine Kehoe)

                        February 2018, Robert and Elaine Stein Gallery, Dayton, OH

2017                Abstract

                        October 2017, G25 Gallery international online exhibition

                        Creston Children’s Benefit

                        December 2017, Creston Children’s, Portland OR

2016                INDA “International Drawing Annual”

                        November 2016, Manifest Gallery Print Press, Cincinnati, OH

2015                Small Works

                        September 2015 Chicago Show Space, Chicago, IL   

                        Layered, New Paintings by Jesse Thomas

                        July 2015, Neon Heater Gallery, Akron, OH

                        TLT Benefit Show (Juried)

                        February, Winds Gallery, Yellow Springs, OH

2014                First Street Gallery National Juried Show (Juried by Jed Perl)

                        June, 2015, First St Gallery, New York, NY

                        Young, Old, and In-between

                        February, High St Gallery, Dayton OH

                        Works on Paper (Juried)

                        February, Rosewood Art Center, Dayton, OH

2013                Manifest- Works on paper (Juried)

                        December, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

                        New Members Show - Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors

                        November, High St. Gallery, Dayton, OH

                       Magnitude 7 (Internationally Juried)

                       March, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2012               Interplay (Juried)

                       May, Audubon Gallery, MA

                       2 Artists, 5 Locations, 20 Paintings

                       April, Main St. Gallery, Durham, NH


                      April, Main St. Gallery, Durham, NH

                      LAUNCH (Juried Exhibition)

                      March, York Art Institute, York, ME

                      Art PM

                     February, Buoy Gallery, Kittery, ME

                     Captivating Landscape (Juried Exhibition)

                     February, Audubon Gallery, Boston, MA

                    MFA Invitational

                    January, UNH Museum Gallery, Durham, NH

                    University of New Hampshire MFA Certificate

                    January, Museum of Art, Durham, NH

2011             From Italy

                    November, Alcove Gallery, Durham, NH

                    New Graduate Work

                    October, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

                    UNH MFA Invitational

                    August, University of New Hampshire Museum Gallery, Durham, NH

2010            New Paintings - Jesse Thomas and Edmund Merricle

                    August, Experimental Gallery WSU, Dayton OH,

2009           VACI (Juried exhibition)

                    June, STROHL Arts Center (VACI), Chautauqua, NY

                    Certificate Show

                    September, Elaine Stein Gallery, Dayton, OH

2008           Landscapes from Italy

                    August, WSU Experimental Gallery, Dayton, OH




2014                            Vermont Studio Center Fellowship

2013                            Chautauqua School for the Arts Fellowship

2010-12                       University of New Hampshire Full Academic Scholarship 

2011                             1st Place Juried show Launch, juror Mary Harding, York Art Institute

                                    University of New Hampshire Full Study Abroad Scholarship

2010                            Golden Key International Honor Society

                                    1st Place Arts Gala Award

                                    Dean’s list - Highest Honors

                                    WSU Arts Gala Scholarship

2009                           Italy Ambassador Program Full Scholarship

2008                            Chautauqua School of the Arts Full Scholarship




2017                            INDA, International Drawing Annual, Manifest Gallery Press for the World, September

2013                            Works on Paper, Manifest Gallery Press for the World, May 2013

                                    MAGNITUDE 7, Manifest Gallery Press for the World, June 2013

2012                            Emerging Painters, UNH Graduate catalog, May 2012

                                    Community, WSU Alumni Review, March 2012